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DivyavastraTM, presented by Union ChainsTM and Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.; is a collection designed to express ones’ pure devotion towards God. This collection caters to all different religions and cultures in the world by offering a product line that includes devotional apparel, accessories, jewellery for idols of deities, temple decoration material and other devotional and spiritual embellishments used in religious activities.  

The specialty of the product line lies in the fact that it is handcrafted with the fabric* itself made out of Gold and Silver. 14k, 18k and 22k purity of gold and sterling silver at 92.5 % with rhodium plating and anti tarnish treatment have been used to create this product line. Colour variations like any other fabric available in the market are possible. Various weaves** and self textures**, have also been crafted such that the fabric comes in diverse looks. Zari, embroidery, Swarovski and semi precious stones play a pivotal role in giving these handcrafted articles a supreme royal look. The entire embroidery material just like the fabric is also crafted of 92.5 % sterling silver; protected by rhodium plating along with an anti-tarnish treatment. 

We also offer the option of customization to the consumer; hence orders on idols in various different sizes and positions are executed by us. It takes around 30-90 days to make a single article depending on the size and design specification. Our artisans maintain complete hygiene and sanctity while crafting these beautiful presents and our in-house design and production team is solely responsible for the entire process of creation, execution, finish and final delivery of the merchandise. The finest quality of materials and accessories; have been used in this product line and the smallest details have been taken care of; to achieve excellent quality and supreme finish. In conclusion, one can describe DivyavastraTM as a thanks giving or small ode to the omnipresent power that bestows his blessing and kindness on us.

  • Company Profile

    DivyavastraTM, is a collection designed to express ones' pure devotion towards the almighty. This collection through its range of devotional ensembles caters to all different religions and cultures in the world by offering an assortment of devotional ensembles and related decoration material. Catering to a clientele that demands exclusive and innovative designs, the company caters to the following markets: the wholesale market, the domestic market and the export sector. 

    DivyavastraTM is presented by Union Chains & Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., one of India's leading chains and jewellery manufacturing companies since 1991 dealing in gold and silver. The marque is a known trend setter in the industry,  catering to the whole sale, retail, domestic and export sections of the industry.

  • Product Evolution


    The brain behind DivyavastraTM is none other than the creator of the concept, Mahendra Sanghvi. Sanghvi, an entrepreneur by nature began his career in the textile industry, but as the law of diminishing returns plagued the Mumbai mills, like many other textile merchants, Sanghvi too shifted focus of the family business to the jewellery business. With an aptitude to turn things around and the added advantage of a god gifted designer and technical mind, Sanghvi was not just able to settle into the business but made a profitable margin over a period of time. Thereafter, the business prospered to the current market standing of the company. Under the guidance of the Sanghvi brothers the company that started off as a wholesale chain manufacturer has made a foray into the retail space with DivyavastraTM that fuses the cumulative expertise that the Sanghvi brothers gained at the textile and the jewellery industry. Fusing the knowledge of both the fields has given rise to the novel concept of DivyavastraTM, which is apparel and accessories for deities in precious metals like gold and silver. 

    Product Evolution:

    The first piece of DivyavastraTM, a chunri for Mata Amba,  owes its existence yet again to the muse. Thereafter, the Sanghvi brothers presented the first collection of five vastra’s for five different deities of 1.5 feet at the Shri Chaitya Simandhar Swami Jain temple at Mazgaon, Mumbai.  The second vastra, a set of sherwani, turban and mojari; was made for Shri Hari Krishna Maharaj at the BAPS Swami Narayan Temple, Sarangpur, Gujarat. The height of the idol stands at 5.5 feet. From then on there was no looking back, as the over whelming response prompted the Sanghvi brothers to take this innovative product further and develop a new product category catering to the divine titled DivyavastraTM.    The brand is currently in the process of creating vastra’s for the idols at the Jain temple at Sangli and has just finished creating the garments for three idols of the Jain Tirthankaras (Shri Vimalnath Swami, Shri Sankeshwar Parshwanath Swami and Shri Sumathinath Swami) for a Jain house temple at Bur Dubai, UAE. The idols stand at 17 inches, 13 inches and11 inches respectively.  


    The undisputed universal power that rules the world stands as the muse to this collection. Lots of hymns have been sung, books have been penned, lyrics have been rhymed in his devotion, and he is the one and only: God. As the name itself spells it, DivyavastraTM is a collection of apparel and accessories in precious metals for deities; that celebrates the greatness of the divine power which takes care of the universe. In India, we pray and take his blessings before we start a new day, a new job, a new business venture or before any new thing we purchase. God is omnipresent and who better than him to play muse for man. This is the Sanghvi brothers’ ode to the divine existence.

  • USP


    • Fabric and Articles are hand crafted in gold i.e. with 18K and 22K purity & in 92.5% sterling silver, as per customized specifications.
    • The collection is specially designed and crafted by hand.
    • Coloured synthetic threads are incorporated in the fabric along with the precious metal wires to offer different colour options.
    • Fabric comes in two variants, one just metal with metal and the other metal with thread.
    • Swarovski / semi previous stones and gold/silver zardosi is used for a royal effect.
    • Extreme caution is used with the deity idols when they are used for making the collection.
    • Skilled trained and experienced labour, designers and artisans work on the product line for Divyavastra.
    • We provide customized products; it takes almost 30-90 days to make a single article depending on the size and specification of the design.
    • Patented technique by Union Chains & Jewellers Pvt. Ltd is used to create this unique product line that's unavailable elsewhere.


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